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Freelance graphic & web designer located in the Greenville, SC area. Graphic design, print design, website design, website content management, advertising, digital graphics.

Bad designers only make things pretty.

GOOD designers solve problems.

There’s a nasty rumor going around that says: designers only make things look good. This is a stereotype, and like any stereotype, it has a grain of truth. The best designers have mastered art theory and aesthetics. But visual design is more than defining look and feel. It addresses the more basic need to convey information visually. For this reason, a website or an infographic—any similar design project— essentially requires a designer to identify and solve communication problems.

You need more than a pretty picture. You need more than a prettier version of something you already have. You need to communicate more clearly. Verbally, yes. Visually, even more so. As a graphic and web designer, that's what I'm committed to. Information that's easy to digest. Ideas that stand out. Identities that speak with a crisp voice in a noisy world. Each of those goals faces obstacles. That's why, in a nutshell, design is mostly about problem-solving.


Our old postcard is cluttered and wordy.

Decide what can be removed, structure information in a hierarchy, and use white space.

I am not a minimalist. However, a lot of bad design results from cramming too much content in one space. And often that content can be overwhelming if you don't help people understand it. In general, concise wording is more memorable. Headings and subheadings divide content into manageable chunks that can be easily navigated. White (or negative) space gives a layout room to breathe, and it can be used to draw attention to certain elements.

My website is outdated and disorganized.
 I don’t know whether to fix it or start over.

Let’s build a site that’s up with the times and easy to use, even on a smartphone.

Your website may need to be restructured or restyled without a total overhaul. I can help with that. But if you want a fresh start I will work with you to craft a site that fits your image and effectively communicates what you have to offer. Typically I work on theme-based platforms like WordPress or Squarespace — customizing when appropriate. If you want something totally unique, I can create a design from scratch and tap my network for a developer to build it.

Working with Garison has been fantastic. Our business is a new startup and very fast-paced, with constant changes and new needs. Garison is highly responsive to our requests and questions, and we’ve come to trust not only his skilled and beautiful work, but also his guidance and suggestions when he feels changes would make the designs more powerful. We consider Garison a partner versus a contractor and he plays a critical role as we crystallize our brand. I highly recommend him to my clients and friends."


Founder & Chief Experience Designer, In The Know Upstate

Garison has a number of tools in his toolbox. On a tight schedule he created a logo, post card, website, stickers, and a large truck wrap design almost simultaneously and met all of my deadlines. We were thrilled with the results. He proved to be a great resource and created T-shirts, guitar picks and other promotional products. Working with designers and artists can be challenging at times. Garison made this process easier through his very articulate emails. He is a wordsmith. This made our communication very fluent as we were bouncing ideas back and forth in the design process.

Garison continues to help with projects as we are always developing new marketing ideas and products to better communicate our message. Currently we are working on a sign and banners for our company. He has been and is a valuable resource with great integrity. He does what he says he is going to do.”


President, Disaster Plus




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