Nature or Nurture?

Nature or Nurture?

Designing and building a custom lead nurturing drip campaign

Project Overview

2014  |  Layout Design, Content Loading & Copywriting

Working closely with project manager Andrew Fultz of Ronningen Design, I designed a strategic, gender-targeted campaign that provides brochure-like content in a series of emails. I mocked up desktop and mobile email layouts to represent the various templates used in the campaign ("personal" and "brochure"). I then used the approved designs as direction to build a full campaign for a single gender — eventually there would be three versions: boys, girls & coed. I chose photos and re-wrote the email text to fit the various layouts in the campaign. After some custom development by the client's team, I used Campaign Monitor to build versions of the campaign for the remaining genders.

Throughout the campaign, certain emails direct traffic to the client's website for more info. I designed these new landing pages to show off activities & facilities and answer FAQs.

Below are a few samples from different strains of the campaign.


Email Designs


Location & Facilities: Boys

Activities: Girls

Personal Template


Responsive Design

The campaign looks good and works well on all screens. The main challenge was to plan how the content would stack at small widths. I took special care to balance out the groups of photos and sections of text so that scrolling through an email on a phone would be a pleasant, engaging experience (not an endless wall of text or large stack of images).


Website Landing Page Design


FAQ Landing Page: Boys

CLIENT  Ronningen Design

DESIGN  Garison Plourde

DEVELOPMENT  Stephen Haskell

CONTENT LOADING  Garison Plourde

PROJECT OVERSIGHT  Andrew Fultz & Nicholai Ronningen