Website Redesign 6

Custom Website Redesign #6

2013  |  Web Design

 CLIENT     Ronningen Design   WEB DESIGN   Garison Plourde   DEVELOPMENT   Steve Meisner   PROJECT OVERSIGHT   Nicholai Ronningen

CLIENT  Ronningen Design

WEB DESIGN  Garison Plourde

DEVELOPMENT  Steve Meisner

PROJECT OVERSIGHT  Nicholai Ronningen

Project Overview

To give this search engine site a fresh look, I redesigned the home page, search listing template, blog components, and a number of other templates. Below are a few examples of finished pages.

Home Page

Inspired by search engines like Bing, I used a stunning background image and put the search function front and center.

Search Results Template

The listing page is the most fundamental page on the site, as it displays the search results. As this page was early on the redesign list, it also functioned as design direction for the remainder of the project.

Listing Options

Add-a-Listing Form

The form is long, so applicants are encouraged to apply by phone. However, I dramatically improved the form by rethinking the visual hierarchy and adding tabs and expand/collapse functionality.

Resources Page

I placed photography behind each heading and selected icons beside each resource link.

Responsive Design

The website looks good and works well on all screens. During the design phase I sketched and mocked up the important pages for standard device widths (phone, tablet, and desktop). With this guidance, the client's developers were enabled to create a fluid, responsive site.