It’s Not Easy Being Green

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Custom website redesign for an environmental preservation camp

CLIENT     Ronningen Design   SKETCHES & INITIAL WEB DESIGN   Jane Izard   REMAINING WEB DESIGN   Garison Plourde & Chuck Fultz   CONTENT LOADING   Garison Plourde   DEVELOPMENT   Steve Meisner   PROJECT OVERSIGHT   Nicholai Ronningen

CLIENT  Ronningen Design


REMAINING WEB DESIGN  Garison Plourde & Chuck Fultz

CONTENT LOADING  Garison Plourde

DEVELOPMENT  Steve Meisner

PROJECT OVERSIGHT  Nicholai Ronningen


Project Overview

2013  |  Web Design & Content Loading

Web design was divided between myself, Chuck Fultz of Ronningen Design and Jane Izard (a family relative of the end client). Jane delivered a collection of mockups to the client that defined the design direction, and Chuck and I took on the remaining design work. As the site was developed I loaded and formatted most of the content (text and photos). Toward the end of development, I took the lead on testing the site across major browsers and devices.

Below are a few examples of finished pages and site features.


Finished Pages & Features

Dates & Rates

This represents a standard page on the site. Text and button styles are defined, as well as some of the basic photo styles.

Summer Staff

This special page incorporates an expand & collapse list of profiles.

Dropdown Navigation


Responsive Design