Website Redesign 5

Custom Website Redesign #5

2013  |  Web Design & Content Loading

 CLIENT     Ronningen Design   SKETCHES & INITIAL WEB DESIGN   Jane Izard   REMAINING WEB DESIGN   Garison Plourde & Chuck Fultz   CONTENT LOADING   Garison Plourde   DEVELOPMENT   Steve Meisner   PROJECT OVERSIGHT   Nicholai Ronningen

CLIENT  Ronningen Design


REMAINING WEB DESIGN  Garison Plourde & Chuck Fultz

CONTENT LOADING  Garison Plourde

DEVELOPMENT  Steve Meisner

PROJECT OVERSIGHT  Nicholai Ronningen

Project Overview

Front end design was divided between myself, Chuck Fultz of Ronningen Design and Jane Izard (a relative of the end client). Jane delivered a collection of mockups to the client that defined the design direction, and Chuck and I took on the remaining design work. As the site was developed I loaded and formatted most of the content (text and photos). Toward the end of development, I took the lead on testing the site across major browsers and devices.

Below are a few examples of finished pages and site features.

Dates & Rates

This represents a standard page on the site. Text and button styles are defined, as well as some of the basic photo styles.

Summer Staff

This special page incorporates an expand & collapse list of profiles.

Dropdown Navigation


Responsive Design

The client's website looks good and works well on all screens. During the design phase I sketched and mocked up the important pages as they would appear at standard device widths (320, 768, and 1280). With this guidance, the client's developers were enabled to create a fluid, responsive site.