Website Redesign 9

Custom Website Redesign #9

2013  |  Web Content Loading & Maintenance

 CLIENT     Ronningen Design   FRONT END DESIGN   Chuck Fultz   CONTENT LOADING   Garison Plourde, Chuck Fultz & Andrew Fultz   DEVELOPMENT   Steve Meisner   PROJECT OVERSIGHT   Nicholai Ronningen

CLIENT  Ronningen Design


CONTENT LOADING  Garison Plourde, Chuck Fultz & Andrew Fultz

DEVELOPMENT  Steve Meisner

PROJECT OVERSIGHT  Nicholai Ronningen

Project Overview

Chuck Fultz of Ronningen Design was responsible for the front end design. Once the site development was well under way, I loaded some of the content for main template pages, formatting text and processing/placing photos. Toward the end of development, I took the lead on testing the site across major browsers and devices. After the site went live, I took care of design-related maintenance.

Content Formatting

This site is unusual because the pages are displayed like a magazine. Content management is a challenge here because each page — and each column — is handled separately. The content does not automatically wrap. This affects decisions about paragraph length, photo dimensions, and so on.

I took care of the majority of the content formatting: loading text into the client's CMS, setting up pages according to the site map, and formatting headings.


Photos & Graphics

I also loaded some inset photos and full page images.

Interior Page

Navigation Graphics

I processed and loaded most of the thumbnail photos for the main navigation.



2015  |  Graphic Design & Content Management

The "magazine cover" graphics are set to change automatically each week on the end client's home page. I selected photos for a few month's worth of covers and then created the designs using the cover template. I loaded the approved images into the client's custom CMS and queued them up to change at the appropriate times. Below are a couple of the more interesting designs, where the photo content interacts with the magazine title.