Website Redesign 8

Custom Website Redesign #8

2013  |  Web Content Loading & Slideshow User Interface Design

 CLIENT     Ronningen Design   WEB DESIGN   Chuck Fultz   WEB CONTENT LOADING & SLIDESHOW USER INTERFACE DESIGN   Garison Plourde   DEVELOPMENT   Steve Meisner & Stephen Haskell   PROJECT OVERSIGHT   Nicholai Ronningen

CLIENT  Ronningen Design

WEB DESIGN  Chuck Fultz


DEVELOPMENT  Steve Meisner & Stephen Haskell

PROJECT OVERSIGHT  Nicholai Ronningen

Project Overview

Chuck Fultz of Ronningen Design was responsible for the front end design. Once the site development was well under way, I loaded content for all the main template pages (the majority of the site), formatting text and processing/placing photos. Toward the end of development, I took the lead on testing the site across major browsers and devices.

Content Formatting

I took care of the first round of content management: setting up pages according to the site map and loading and formatting all the website text with the client's custom content management system.

Background Images

Interior Pages

Most pages have a main content column on a background image. I processed and loaded these images and added inset photos to the main columns.

Home Page

The home page uses a custom template. I chose the background images for the bottom section (four features) which has parallax scrolling.

Simple Pages

In the About section, most of the content is displayed in simple pages with no primary navigation. These simple pages can be accessed from a navigation grid on the main page. See Directors & Leadership and Sports for examples.

Navigation Blocks

Using the client's CMS, I selected and loaded background photos for each navigation block.

Simple Page Content

I also loaded content for these pages, including retouched inset photos.

Slideshow Design & Content Loading

I designed the slideshow that chronicles a typical day at camp. This involved user interface design as well as photo selection, retouching, and testing in web browsers and on various mobile devices.