Website Redesign 4

Custom Website Redesign #4

2015  |  Web Design

 CLIENT     Ronningen Design   WEB DESIGN   Garison Plourde   DEVELOPMENT   Steve Meisner & Stephen Haskell   PROJECT OVERSIGHT   Nicholai Ronningen

CLIENT  Ronningen Design

WEB DESIGN  Garison Plourde

DEVELOPMENT  Steve Meisner & Stephen Haskell

PROJECT OVERSIGHT  Nicholai Ronningen

Project Overview

This website redesign was in process when I left the client's company. At the time, I had completed significant front end design work for the home page and blog. The website has since been launched, building on my work with some modifications.

Contemporary websites are trending in the direction of presenting content in simplified form, as a reaction against the prevalence of over-designed, even cluttered and distracting sites. More and more we are seeing websites (especially home pages and single page sites) that display content in blocks which are easy to follow down the page. A wide variety of content — photos, promo videos, calls to action, etc. — can be organized this way without overwhelming or confusing the user.

Home Page

Blog Post

Interior website pages and blogs are also being re-imagined to better serve the reader. Pages like these are dominated by text, so I ensured that the design would make reading easy and free of distraction. No more 12 point fonts. No more sidebars with promo graphics. Minimize or hide the navigation. I continually asked myself, "what is absolutely necessary?" and "what will enhance the reading experience?"

Responsive Design

I planned for the client's website to look good and work well on all screens. When I left off, I had mocked up mobile designs for the interior page (main template) and the navigation menu.